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  • Puntoycoma is originated, above all, from a passion for learning a second language and from an interest in cultures different than our own. We’re aware that the venture requires at least as much work as the rewards it will undoubtedly provide. That’s why we’ve decided to help those who’ve chosen Spanish as their second language, and to make their task a little easier.
  • Puntoycoma is aimed at students with an intermediate to advanced level (advanced and superior levels of the Instituto Cervantes, and levels B2, C1 and C2 of the European Reference Framework), and who need to immerse themselves in the worlds of literature and the media to continue adding to their knowledge. We’re aware of the difficulties and frustrations that students are confronted by when trying to read a newspaper or novel, watch a movie or listen to the radio. We aim to be a first step in that process by offering a selection of what native speakers read and listen to. Moreover, puntoycoma’s structure is ideal for a deeper exploration of the language, since its thematic and stylistic variety constantly encourages us to learn new words and forms of expression.
  • Puntoycoma is a magazine of current events written by journalists and experts in a variety of topics. It features a diverse vocabulary, and the rigor essential to the most objective journalism coupled with the subtle irony of critical reportage. It offers a broad spectrum of subjects centered on the social and cultural aspects of Spain and Latin America, while remaining open to international events. We hope to present a portrait of Spain free from cliches, that invites readers to visit our country and to learn about our way of life.
  • All of puntoycoma’s articles are accompanied by a glossary of terms, and many also feature exercises with their corresponding answers.
  • Essentially, puntoycoma is an Audio Magazine with the CD in which numerous Spanish accents can be heard.
  • Our objective is to aid teachers and provide them with the necessary material to create discussions and other kinds of classroom exercises, especially those involving listening comprehension.
  • The magazine’s attractive design encourages reading and aims to reflect its contents. Its small format was devised to be easily carried and read anywhere; especially important these days, when sitting and reading quietly at home is increasingly difficult, while becoming more frequent when sitting on the bus or subway.

Legal structure

Puntoycoma Puntoycoma is published by HABLA CON EÑE S.L., founded expressly for this publication. Our offices are in: calle Gardenia 36, 28109 - Madrid Spain. T:+34 91 765 3897.

Our Team

Our magazine is issued every two months thanks to the work of a group of professionals:

  • We have ample experience in teaching Spanish as a first and second language.
  • Our editorial team is made up of young journalists whose aim is to provide an objective, and at the same time critical and innovative viewpoint on Spanish and Latin American affairs.
  • Our design, layout and recording teams work enthusiastically to offer an attractive and quality product.

Director Editor in Chief Director of Educational Contents
Fernando de Bona Clara de la Flor Carmen Aguirre

Published by HABLA CON EÑE S.L. All rights reserved.
Punto y Coma: The ELE magazine to learn and improve your Spanish. Perfect to prepare the DELE. Punto y Coma puntoycoma learn improve Spanish audio magazine